One morning, a few years ago I looked in the mirror and noticed what looked like a scar under my left eye. Then I realized this ‘scar’ was actually a sleep wrinkle, carved out by 30+ years of sleeping on my face! I immediately set to work designing a way to sleep comfortably without squashing my face. It had to be something simple and organic. So I searched far and wide for 100% organic, un-dyed cotton and companies that engage in fair practices.

After conducting extensive research, I experimented with different kinds of pillow supports. My mom sewed the initial prototypes. Ahhh, comfort! The pillow cradled my head and prevented facial compression. Now I can’t sleep without it and I never wake up with new sleep wrinkles! Wish I had one ten years ago!

We hope you love how the VANITY PILLOW feels and how you look when you wake up looking extra fresh and lovely!

~ Plum Design

Thank you to our Contributors:

Photography, Beth Schneck
Prop Stylist, Akiko Isomoto, scenyc
Fashion Stylist, Lily Fleishman
Visual Consultant, Stephanie Badini
Shopping Cart Product Photo,
Virge Lorents virge.lorents@ct.metrocast.net
Models, Piper Black & Jennifer N.