Benefits of the Vanity Pillow

The VANITY PILLOW requires no leap of faith, it’s basic physics! The average head weighs 8-12 pounds. That’s a lot of pressure on our delicate facial tissue! Ongoing pressure on your skin causes permanent wrinkles. With age, the skin’s elasticity decreases thus compounding the potential for wrinkles. Prevention is much easier (and less costly) than reversal!

  • Helps prevent permanent wrinkles carved out by hours of pressure on facial tissue during sleep.
  • Relieves pressure on existing wrinkles on your cheeks, under the eyes and on your forehead.
  • Allows night creams to penetrate the skin longer without rubbing off on the pillow.
  • Helps prevent breakouts caused by facial contact with oils, dirt and bacteria build-up on pillowcases from the hair and skin.
  • Extends the life span of lash extensions by preventing friction with your pillow.
  • Provides support for healing post-surgery.
  • Everyone will wonder what your secret is!