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The VANITY PILLOW provides cozy and custom support that helps prevent lines and wrinkles. Use it at home on your favorite pillow and travel with it, so you can wake up wherever you are looking radiant and refreshed. The VANITY PILLOW is a natural, organic way to prevent wrinkles and relieve pressure on existing wrinkles. It is also a wonderful support for healing post-treatment, cosmetic or plastic surgery. Whether your personal approach to beauty involves a little treatment here and there, some real work, or you are au naturel, the age-defying VANITY PILLOW complements all beauty skin care regimens.

  • Tuck the adjustable pillows next to your ears either side of your head. Start with the pillows closer together and widen as needed, adjusting the angle and width for support and comfort
  • Lean on your ear to be sure there is no facial compression, making any necessary adjustments
  • Once you incorporate the VANITY PILLOW into your beauty regimen, you will wonder how you ever slept without it
Frequently Asked Questions >>
How long does it take to get used to the VANITY PILLOW?
It varies from person to person, some people adapt to the pillow right away and for others it takes a few days or weeks. (Scientists say it takes 21 days to create a new habit!) You will see, the results are well worth it!

How does the VANITY PILLOW feel?
Soft and cozy. Many people tuck their pillow around their head as they settle into bed. The VANITY PILLOW recreates that feeling and it lasts all night! You can comfortably lean your head from side to side and your head and neck are supported.

I only sleep on my side, can I do that with the VANITY PILLOW?
Yes! To sleep on your side, lean on your ear on the cylinder pillow so the side of your face is exposed. Tilt your face and body up slightly toward the ceiling so you are in a comfortable half-side, half-back position. Or, place the adjustable pillows close together so the side and back of your head are supported. Make sure your ear is on the pillow rather than your cheek. Back sleeping is encouraged as this also helps prevent chest wrinkles and compression of the sinuses.

I move a lot while asleep, will I be able to use the VANITY PILLOW?
Yes. You can position the adjustable pillows closer together under your ears, cradling the back of your head, so when you move, your face is not compressed. Even using the pillow for part of the night offers great relief from facial compression.

My VANITY PILLOW has compressed a little after months of use. What can I do?
Like with all pillows, this happens and is normal. All you need to do is toss it in your drier and it will fluff up again!