‘The Vanity Pillow is dreamy. My face looks smooth and refreshed when I awake each morning! It is well worth the short while it took to adjust to it. Thanks for creating such a great product!’ – Lora Sasiela, Financially Smitten.

‘As a professional vocalist and performer in Los Angeles, I must always look my best. The Vanity Pillow helps me maintain a youthful appearance by preserving what I have and preventing new wrinkles. A small amount of effort pays off hugely for my skin and I am happier to employ a gentler, more holistic anti-aging product. Thank you Vanity Pillow!’ – Cari Golden, Singer

“I love that the Vanity Pillow is organic and I love the pure smell of it.
The material feels luxurious against my face. I normally sleep on my right side and recently developed muscle strain so not only does the Vanity Pillow prevent wrinkles but it helps me sleep on my back gently turning my head onto the roll aligning my neck. A perfect night’s sleep and a wrinkle-free face!” – Cynthia Yco, CEO USwiss Skin

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It took about a 1½ months for me to get used to the Vanity Pillow and now I can enjoy sleeping on my back. I’d always slept on my stomach, so I used the Vanity Pillow to train myself to sleep differently. I’m glad I did, it really makes a difference. I usually use it, but if I don’t, you can tell -the wrinkles under my eyes and on my chest are much more pronounced!
Margarite, Beverly Hills, CA

A friend recommended the Vanity Pillow for my recovery after cosmetic surgery and it was great. I still use it and find it very helpful.
Anonymous, Houston, TX

‘The Vanity Pillow is so comfortable. It works! I love it.’
Anne G., Santa Monica, CA

‘The Vanity Pillow arrived in time for a trip overseas and the beautiful travel pouch fit right into my suitcase! I played around with the pillow to get the right fit and now I don’t squash my face all night creasing my skin. The fabric feels luxurious. Love your product!’
Jill S., New York, NY